South Sudan ECTN

From April 1, 2019, the South Sudan government will make the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note certificate compulsory. You will need this certificate for shipping to South Sudan. If you ask why need a certificate? Customs management will require this certificate.

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If you do not have an ECTN certificate, your shipment will not be taken into customs clearance and your shipment will be returned in the port and returned. We would like to inform you that this certificate will start on April 1st. All you need listed on this page and explained with details.

Port name is: DJOEBA

Required Documents for South Sudan ECTN Certificate

The documents required to obtain the certificate are shared below.

  • Bill of Lading [Final Bill of Lading document will be allowed]
  • Commercial invoice/currency must be $ or € type
  • Freight invoice in the same currency
  • Export Customs document
  • Country of Origin of the goods

How to Get ECTN for South Sudan?

We are providing ECTN certificate for South Sudan. Here is what you will do just like this. You can submit your request by filling in the information form below. Please do not forget to transfer your documents after replying. We recommend keeping your documents ready. We would like to let you know that your documentation will be ready to speed up the process of getting the ECTN certificate.

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