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We provide BESC, BSC, CTN and ECTN! Serving Certificates with professional customer support within 2 work days!

BSC Africa plays a crucial role in international trade by providing key certificates like BESC, BSC, Cargo Tracking Note, and ECTN. These documents are essential for smoothly shipping goods across borders and ensuring compliance with customs regulations. Known for excellent customer support and quick processing, BSC Africa is a top choice for businesses involved in global trade.

    BSC Africa: Global Ease

    Safe & Secure
    End To End Service
    Price Transparency

    BSC Africa, a trusted partner in international trade, offers secure, comprehensive services. Our team guides you through documentation and payments, emphasizing upfront fee transparency to avoid surprises.

    • Expertise and knowledge in certificate requirements for different countries.

    • Efficient and reliable services for prompt certificate acquisition.

    • Streamlined processes, saving you time and effort.

    • Compliance with customs regulations, minimizing the risk of penalties.

    • Dedicated customer support to address any queries or concerns.

    The Benefits of Choosing BSC Africa

    Explore the advantages of partnering with BSC Africa for your international trade operations.


    Discover the countries that require ECTN certificates.

    Angola CNCA

    Ensure seamless shipping to Angola with CNCA certification, providing all necessary clearances for your cargo.

    Benin BESC

    Streamline your exports to Benin with our BESC services, guaranteeing compliance with local customs regulations.

    Cameroon BESC

    Facilitate your trade to Cameroon by obtaining a BESC from us, ensuring a smooth and compliant import process.

    Congo ECTN

    Secure hassle-free entry of your goods into Congo with our ECTN certification, meeting all the required trade standards.

    Trusted by Awesome Companies

    Bollore Logistics Logo BSC Africa
    Bollore Logistics

    Bollore Logistics has chosen us as their primary ECTN provider for two years, mainly for BSC documents in Senegal, serving them in various countries.

    Toyota Logo BSC Africa

    Toyota has partnered with us, specifically for shipments to Benin and Mali. This collaboration reflects the trust that Africans have in Toyota, and in turn, Toyota's confidence in BSC Africa.

    SME Companies BSC Africa
    Many SME Companies

    Small and medium-sized companies worldwide use our services, with the convenience of paying in local currency or by credit card, available 24/7.