Country Of Liberia

Liberia, officially the Republic of Liberia; Sierra Leone is located on the west coast of Africa, in the northwest, Guinea in the north, and the borders of Côte d’Ivoire in the east. Liberia, whose meaning means “the land of the free”, was founded by the free children of previously African-American Americans.

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Cities Of Liberia Country

The cities of Liberia have a total of 15 cities. We share 15 cities below.

  • Bomi,
  • Bong,
  • Gbarpolu,
  • Grand Bassa,
  • Cape Mount,
  • Gedeh,
  • Grand Kru,
  • Lofa,
  • Margibi,
  • Maryland,
  • Montserrado,
  • Nimba,
  • River Cess,
  • River Gee,
  • Sinoe

Liberia Cargo Tracking Note

The Liberian government, through the National Port Authority (NPA), has announced plans to establish a tracking system at all seaports offering entrance to Liberia. Immediately thereafter, on 1 February 2019, they put into effect the declaration and passed the certificate requirement in port operations.

This certificate will help you to make sure that your cargo arrives in Liberia seamlessly. Tracking will be required for customs clearance Note procedures at the port of destination. Otherwise, if you do not have Cargo Tracking Note, your ship will not be processed.

Why Need a Cargo Tracking Note for The Country of Liberia?

Called name of CTN Certificate is actually Cargo Tracking Note. Country of Liberia uses this certificate since February 1, 2019. It allows you to tracking your cargo smoothly and perform your transactions without any note problems in your customs operations.

How To Buy Liberia CTN

As BSC Africa LLC, we provide the CTN certificate for your shipment, shipment and transit operations in Liberia! This process is about 1 to 5 days.

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In order to have a CTN certificate in Liberia, it is recommended by our company that your ship or shipment is your application before your departure and you receive your certificate.

Required Documents for Liberia CTN

As with other Cargo Tracking Certificates, you have the necessary documents to obtain a CTN certificate for Liberia. The necessary documents are listed below respectively.

    1. Freight Invoice (Required)
    2. Bill of Lading Document (Required)
    3. Export Customs Declaration (Clearly give the all of details) (Required)
    4. Commercial Invoice (Required)

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