Angola CNCA / ARCCLA 🇦🇴

What is Angola CNCA Certificate?

CNCA Certificate is a mandatory document for all shipments to Angola.

CNCA or, Conselho Nacional de Carregadores de Angola, serves as a pre-shipment verification to ensure that imported goods comply with local regulations.

This certificate is essential for smooth customs clearance in Angola. It verifies that the goods meet the necessary standards and regulations set by the Angolan government. By obtaining the Angola CNCA Certificate, exporters can comply with the local regulations, ensuring a hassle-free import process and avoiding potential penalties or delays.

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    Last year we issued more than 451 ECTN documents for Burkina Faso.

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    Learn More About CNCA

    To obtain the Angola CNCA Certificate, exporters need to follow a specific process. Here are the steps to obtain the certificate:

    1. Gather Necessary Documents: The first step involves collecting all the essential documents needed for the CNCA application. These include:
      • Bill of Lading (Scanned Copy): This document outlines the details of your shipment, including the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being transported.
      • Commercial Invoice (Scanned Copy): Provides a comprehensive list of the shipped goods and their value. This document is crucial for customs clearance.
      • Freight Invoice: If your commercial invoice doesn't specify the freight value, a separate freight invoice is required to detail the shipping costs.
      • Documento Unico (Scanned Copy): A unique document that further verifies the shipment's contents and value, specific to Angola's import regulations.
    2. Submit to Authorized CNCA Issuing Agent: Once you have all the necessary documents, submit them to an authorized CNCA issuing agent. It's important to choose an experienced agent familiar with Angola's shipping regulations to ensure a smooth process.
    3. Verification and Issuance: The issuing agent will verify the documents for compliance with Angola's import regulations. Once verified, the CNCA Certificate will be issued, confirming your shipment's compliance and readiness for import into Angola.

    Starting this process well in advance of your shipment date is crucial to avoid any potential delays. With the CNCA Certificate in hand, your goods are set for a smooth customs clearance process upon arrival in Angola.

    Angola CNCA Certificate Sample
    Angola CNCA Certificate Sample

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