Cnca Certificate For Angola

Cnca certificate required for shipment to Angola. For customs, tracking and all information needed this certificate. Angola government has by Decree No: 19/94 dated 28 January 1994 chose to execute new guidelines to all freight imported in Angola. This certificate is necessary for all ports in Angola (LuandaLobito etc.).


These guidelines have been distributed in the Statute Book of Angola D.R.20/94 on the twentieth of May 1994.

Full Meaning of CNCA

Conselho Nacional de Carregadores de Angola originates from Portuguese. In English, you can translate like that: National Chargers Council of Angola. CNCA is the official organization of the government of Angola.

Angola CNCA Information to be Considered

  • CNCA declaration must appear all the documentation of transported freight.
  • Angola CNCA may result in up to 5000 US Dollars for each episode.
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Requested Documents and Details for CNCA Certificate

  • Application form
    Bill of Lading
    Commercial Invoice, Packing List,
  • DU document (Export permission document provided by the Government of Angola Documento Unico)

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  1. BSC Africa site provides this service with professional staff.

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