Gabon Bietc Cargo Tracking Note

BIETC certificate is known as the Bordereau d’Identification Électronique de Traçabilité des Cargaisons(BIETC) with the other name.

You will need BIETC certificate for shipments to the ports of Gabon. Such as Port of GentilLibreville etc.

With the decision made by the Gabon customs operator, the certificate required.


It’s absolutely kind of visa about your cargo to Gabon. Like if you haven’t a visa about the African Country, you will not pass the border/customs. It’s working like that.

Required Documents for BIETC Certificate

Note: This draft must be validated within 10 days of the vessels departure.

The BIETC Certificate should appear on the manifest and the Bill of Lading.

  1. Commercial Invoice Sample
  2. Bill of Lading Document
  3. Customs Declaration

Gabon Bietc Penalties and Penalty Informations

  • All merchandise towards Gabon (in transit included) is subject to a BIETC (ECTN) declaration (compulsory),
  • The BIETC declaration should be requested by the Charger BEFORE loading of cargo: this implies even before draft bill of merchandise.
  • Certificate reference range should be mentioned on the Bill of merchandise,
  • Gabon CTN declaration should be valid inside five days when sailing from Departure
  • If the BIETC declaration wasn’t filed by the charger before loading, the Gabonese client can should file the request at his aspect however against a penalty of 50% of the worth of the Freight manifest, so as to recover his merchandise,

Prohibited Import to Gabon

  • Just prohibited and only, Non-recyclable plastic bags.

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