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Guinea Bissau CEE Certificate Waiver

The country of Guinea Bissau has made the Cargo Tracking Note legally mandatory.  The certificate that you need to take with this legal regulation is called CEE. It is an obligation for all ports like Port of Bissau etc.

All installations of Guinea-Bissau were replaced by Certificado Eletrónico de Embarque. So you need a Guinea Bissau CEE Certificate Waiver.


This document is essential for the smooth withdrawal of the goods from the customs. The exporter must obtain the CTN certificate.

Required Documents for CEE Certificate

  • Copy of B/L
  • Commercial Invoice with details
  • Export Customs Document
  • Country of Origin

These documents are required to obtain Guinea Bissau CTN. Be careful about that!

Guinea Bissau Import Prohibitions

  • Communications equipment
  • Computer components & parts
  • Phones/modems
  • Telecommunications equipment

Pricing Information

CEE certification pricing changing for your cargo size.

We provide a CEE certificate within 5 working days!

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