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Cargo Tracking Note Libya Waiver


It’s compulsory to obtain CTN (Cargo Tracking Note) certificate for all maritime exports to the LIBYA country.

Libya CTN Certificate requirement applies to transit loads. With the decision of the Ministry of Customs and Economy of Libya on 01.10.2015.


Libya CTN also was known as ECTN, as you wish you can get a certificate CTN or ECTN document for Libya.

It’s like a visa for shipment about the arrival country. Libya needs a custom visa about cargoes and shipping process.

Documents of Libya Waiver

These documents are required to obtain a Libya CTN Certificate Waiver, CTN. List of Required Documents are below;

  • Consignment Note
  • Copy Bill of Lading
  • Export Customs Document
  • Country of Origin
  • Incoterm description

Secondly and Most important, are necessary required to obtain a Libya ECTN Certificate

Prohibited Import Items for Libya

  • Antiques
  • Bearer Documents
  • Collectible Coins and Collectible Stamps
  • Cosmetics
  • Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA
  • Deeds

For Libya Import Restrictions

There aren’t any restrictions.

Pricing and Information about Libya CTN

We provide Libya CTN just 5 working days. You can contact us via the form below of this line.

In conclusion, following up explanation with practice;

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