BSC stands for Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons and it is a legal requirement by Madagascar lawmakers from all cargo transported into the country.

Together with Cargo Tracking Note (CTN), Madagascar BSC enables Malagasy Authorities to identify, control, track and forecast the traffic of imported goods.


Import Procedures

From 1.04.2007, all cargo shipped to Madagascar is obliged to acquire the BSC certificate.

The new BSC requirement is adopted to replace the previous SGS Inspection Procedure and it is electronically submitted and tracked.

Necessary Documents

  • Original bill of lading copy (BL)
  • Commercial invoice copy
  • Customs declaration copy
  • Packing list copy

Price List

Goods banned that are worth to mention

  • Right-Hand Side Vehicles
    Regulations # 002/MT/SG/DGTT/DTR/SSR dated 06/02/12 mandate that the import of right-hand drive vehicles is prohibited.

Regulations & Restrictions

The Madagascar BSC certificate must be requested by the exporter. The forwarding authorized agent can apply for BSC waiver on behalf of the freight owner in certain cases.

Madagascar does not accept 45′ size containers. The maximum weight of containers to the Toamasina port must not exceed 32,000 kg.

Malagasy authorities require the Madagascar BSC waiver to be presented 5 days before the vessel arrives at the port.

Failure to present valid BSC certificate or fabricated BSC number results a fine of up to $ 5000 USD per Bill of lading, plus the regulations charge determined by Malagasy Customs.

Please note, you are only obliged to acquire the BSC Madagascar certificate when Madagascar is your final destination.

If your cargo has a stopover Madagascar, then please apply for the final destination country waiver certificate.


Apply for Madagascar BSC Now

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