What is Cargo Tracking Note? Why You Need It?

What is Cargo Tracking Note? Why You Need It?

What is Cargo Tracking Note?

It is a certificate that is used mostly by West African countries. This document is called Cargo Tracking Note or CTN for short. It is also known as Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison (BSC).

CTN Certificate is required for all type of sea shipments (Air shipments too in some countries). West African countries have reported on their official websites that this procedure is mandatory for customs clearance.

Some countries require BSC certificate, while some countries require certificates such as ECTN or BIETC. The name of this certificate may vary depending on the location of the country and the languages it uses. Overall, they are the same certificates.

Why do you need it?

Because after your shipment has reached its destination, the custom authorities will ask for a CTN certificate. And if your shipment is not covered by one, your cargo won't be cleared.

If you want the shipment to reach the destination at the right time and without any problems, the cargo has to be accompanied by a CTN. We recommend that you do this before the departure.

We recommend that you finish the CTN process before arrival. Since in case of any delays about the CTN, parties have to pay demurrage charges. The amounts may vary depending on the country and the delay.

Cargo Tracking Note Required Countries and Other Certificates

Here you will find all countries that require a CTN certificate.

As we stated earlier, these are all the same type of certificates. Names vary depending on the countries.

  • Angola: CNCA
  • Benin: BESC
  • Burkina Faso: URN/ECTN
  • Burundi: ECTN
  • Cameroon: BESC
  • Central African Republic(C.A.R.): ECTN
  • Republic of Chad(Chad): ECTN
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: FERI
  • Equatorial Guinea: ECTN
  • Gabon: BIETC
  • Ghana: CTN
  • Guinea Bissau: CEE
  • Guinea Conakry: ECTN
  • Ivory Coast(Côte d’Ivoire): BSC
  • Liberia: CTN
  • Libya: ECTN
  • Madagascar: BSC
  • Mali: BSC
  • Niger: BSC
  • Republic of Congo(Congo): ECTN
  • Senegal: BSC
  • Sierra Leone: ENS, BSC, CTN
  • Togo: ECTN

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