Are Looking For EBSC, other name ECTN Certificate for Senegal? Let’s Read This Article.

Take BSC Certificate for Senegal

If you didn’t yet ship your shipment to Senegal you not able to know Senegal BSC Certificate. A simple explanation about this certificate is;


Official stacking report that must be joined by each freight shipment with Senegal as the last goal.

Do you need BSC certificate?


BESC Certificate was executed by Senegal Customs authorities in 2008, obliging all Exporters/Freight Forwarders to get this testament for every shipment before they contact Senegal shores. Neglecting to exhibit substantial BSC archives at demand will prompt serious results and a powerful fine. It is an obligation for all shipments to DakarKaolack or any other port in Senegal.

What’s The Procedure of BESC Senegal?

As indicated by Senegal Custom guidelines numbered 04350, effective from May 26, 2008, all ocean freight delivered to Senegal requires a BSC certificate.

Senegal BSC must be requested by the exporter or his delegate (cargo forwarder). is the quickest office of Senegal Customs acting to help exporters acquiring BSC Waiver?

The point of the BSC is to add to the significant decrease of hazard, continuous checking and solid appraisals of import merchandise, their shippers, merchants, and other details. Apply now to get your BSC declaration Today.

Since BSC approvals are from the center of Dakar, it can take up to a week to complete. If the loading vessel has not gone to Senegal before, it is also time for the system to be registered by COSEC.

Do You Know Orbus?

If you don’t know Orbus we explain like that ;

Senegal has a single box office application. In other words, import statements and export declarations are made on the same platform. The certificate we have issued in your name and our declaration is compared with your importer’s Orbus statement. The Orbus number, therefore, required in all BSC’s.

BESC Senegal,

BESC and BSC for Senegal How can you do that? We would like to share the steps with you;

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