BESC Benin Tariff

BESC Benin Tariff

BESC Benin Tariff

BESC Benin (Tariff) Certificate has been resolved as a compulsory report for all shipments to Benin as of January 4, 2010. Update No: 004/MTPT/DC/SG/CNCB/SA.

In the event that the BESC endorsement isn’t provided when the ship touches base at the port, by law, the purchaser needs to pay the declaration expense at the port of goal notwithstanding a punishment of 100 USD and can’t pull back the products from the port until the exchange is finished.

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Detailed explanation;

An Electronic Cargo Tracking Note [ECTN] or as it is known in French an Electronic Bureau De Suivi De Cargaison [BESC] is required under pastoral pronouncement: LAW N°2006/060 of 28 of December 2006 and Arrêté Ministériel 2006, N° 038/MDCTTPU-PR/DC/SG/CTTM/CNCB/SA compelling from 01/01/2010. ECTN/BESC is obligatory anyway it isn’t necessary to make reference to the ECTN n° on the Bill of Lading [B/L] or potentially show. It is mandatory for all ports in Benin. Such as Cotonou.

Required Benin BESC accreditation:

Unique Bill of Lading (Master BL)
Receipt (Commercial Invoice)
Cargo receipt (This record required just if the cargo charge not pronounced on the receipt.)

BESC Benin Notes

* A  BESC certificate required for each BL.
* Please ensure that paper duplicates are neat from your scanner.

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