Angola CNCA Certification Waiver - Detailed Informations

Angola CNCA Certification Waiver - Detailed Informations

Angola Waiver Certificate and Detailed Information

In this post you will find which items are restricted and prohibited from importing from Angola. If you'd like to learn more about CNCA, please visit our dedicated page about the Angola CNCA Certificate.

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Angola Prohibited Goods from Import

  • Non-iodized salt.
  • Rubber-made yo-yo water ball toys.
  • Food containing saccharine.
  • Gambling machines prohibited by law, including roulette.
  • Plants coming from areas affected by phylloxera or another epiphytic disease.
  • Pornographic material and other derived products.
  • Medicines and other generic substances harmful to public health.
  • Counterfeit literature and artistic works.
  • Counterfeit stamps.
  • Fraudulent Coffee.
  • Crates container various types of merchandise and showing a single marking, not presented with a declaration stipulating the quantity and total weight of crates/packs
  • Animals and by-products

Restricted Items by Angola Imports

  • Cigarette materials
  • Medicines which containers do not state active agents – cannot be imported without authorization from the Angolan Health Ministry.
  • Explosives intended for the mining industry.
  • Radio, transmitters, receivers and other devices cannot be imported without authorization from the National Post Authorities.
  • Animals and without authorization from the veterinary entities.

Details for Pre-Shipment for Angola CNCA Waiver

12th June 2013, the Angolan authorities decided imported cargo to Angola no longer requires pre-shipment inspection. Shippers should be explicit with cargo descriptions to avoid delays in customs.

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